Professional Scholarships


The Harvard Club of Victoria and the Harvard Club of Australia offer four sources of financial support for nonprofit professionals who wish to work with Harvard or take courses associated with the University.

The HCV Non-Profit Fellowship provides funding to up to 3 CEO's of non-profit organisations based in Victoria whose primary role is delivery of services to people in the community service sector to attend the one week Harvard Business School program Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management ("SPNM") in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


The Australia-Harvard Fellowship provides funding to mid-career and senior Harvard-based  scientific, medical and other researchers who intend to do collaborative work in Australia and their Australian counterparts planning collaborative follow-ups at Harvard. 

The HCA National Non-Profit Fellowship allows a senior executive of a non-profit organisation with a potential to acheive significant impact to attend the one-week SPNM program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

The HCA Education Scholarship enables two principals of government primary or secondary schools to undertake a short professional program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.