Welcome, Members and Visitors!

It is my pleasure as President to welcome you to the Harvard Club of Victoria. With over 1800 alumni in our region, the Club offers its members an exceptional network, from recent graduates to mid and late-career professionals.   Our club is quite active, hosting ~20 events per year that cater to all interests; including speakers from Harvard faculty to prominent alumni and networking events throughout the year.   

Details of these events are regularly updated on our Events Calendar, and booking links can be accessed from there.

Alumni of Harvard represent a huge spectrum of educational disciplines and professional endeavours.  The common thread is their experience of the resources, inspiration and energy of a world-renowned university, its faculty and fellow students.  Alumni will join our Club for many reasons, including: to retain a link with that exciting period in their lives and their experiences at Harvard, to share fellowship and ideas with fellow alumni, to support the Club's philanthropic endeavours such as the Nonprofit Fellowship Program, to assist others to access the Harvard experience by interviewing applicants or sponsoring a Prize Book for a promising high school student.

Membership in the Club is open to all graduates of the University, including many of its short-term educational and experiential programs. Please click here if you if you wish to join or use the application link featured on the home page.

We look forward to seeing you soon, 

Lisa Ray Hennessy 
President, Harvard Club of Victoria
HAA Director for Australasia