A Tour of the Melbourne Brain Centre and Drinks with Senior Researchers of the MBC

Followed by the NICTA Discovery Lecture, given by Dr Paolo Bonato, Australia-Harvard Fellow

Harvard Club members and their guests are invited to this special opportunity to tour the Melbourne Brain Centre, a co-operative venture between the University of Melbourne, the Florey Neurosciences Institute and the Mental Health Research Institute and meet over drinks with some of its senior researchers.  To be followed by the National Information and Communications Technology Association’s ICT Life Science Forum Lecture, to be given by Assistant Professor Paolo Bonato*, winner this year of an Australia-Harvard Fellowship granted by the Harvard Club of Australia. The MBC is home to about 400 researchers and has a prominent international profile seeking better treatments for range of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Assist Prof Paolo Bonato PhD, Dept of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School; Dir. Motion Analysis Lab, Spaulding Rehab Hospital; Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.. His strengths are in mobile health systems such as remote monitoring of patients under rehab. He enjoys extensive association with Dr Tharshan Vaithiamathan and Professor Mary Galea at National ICT Australia, Univ of Melbourne. During visits in Mar and Jun 2013, they have worked to integrate Prof Bonato’s monitoring methods with the unique approaches of Drs Vaithiamathan and Galea for monitoring stroke victims in the community.
Prof. Bonato's research is funded by the NIH, NSF and private foundations. His projects are focused on gait and mobility impairments.  He is developing techniques to overcome the challenges inherent in combining traditional, laboratory-based assessments with real-life observations performed via wearable technology in the home and community settings.
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