A Performance Art Event - Splendid Eyes

February 28, 2014 7 PM The event will be broadcast at livestream.com under the title Splendid Eyes.

"The Newton of our time."

At Harvard, Steven Friedman was considered “one of the half-dozen best abstract minds in the world.” As a philosopher, he was the celebrity interview of the inaugural issue of Recoil Magazine in an article entitled, “Steven Friedman: His Philosophy Could End World Suffering.” As a molecular biologist, he developed the theoretical foundation for the engineering of mutated viruses as “smart” chemotherapeutic agents, a result announced in the New York Times article, “Cold Virus May Prove Cancer Cure,” and on the cover of Newsweek.

As a fine artist, his 
work, which San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art has called “a new mode of visual representation,” has entered major private collections around the world. In literature, his philosophical narrative poem, The Books of Joshua, has been favourably compared to the achievements of Dante and Virgil. A prominent contemporary intellectual has written that Friedman is “the only person I have ever known who I am sure is a genius, someone whom one could pair with Einstein and not sound silly.”

Friedman's work represents the confluence of philosophical, visual, literary, 
mathematical, and scientific streams of development. Important works include:

The Books of Joshua (2008), a philosophical and lyric buildungsroman.
Objectifications (2009), 120 works designed for environmental publication.
The first of these,
Beachbook: T Lite Book by the Sea, was done entirely in 4000 tea lights adjacent to Santa Monica Pier.
The second,
Skybook: Proving God in Worlds from Even to Odd, was skytypped over the city of Huntington Beach during an international surf festival.
Objectifications 2 (2010), 350 images designed for composite publication on large LED screens or billboards.
Polebooks. Just before the world turned real. (In 64 poles) (2011), acrylic under acrylic rods embedding philosophical writings in Braille transliteration.

Friedman currently resides in Marina del Rey, California. His principal website is thebooksofjoshua.com


A Performance Art Event - February 28, 2014 7 PM
At Bergamot Station Arts Center F: 310 315 9688
2525 Michigan Ave. Suite B7 Santa Monica, CA 90404 www.robertbermangallery.com

The event will be broadcast at livestream.com under the title Splendid Eyes.