Event to be rescheduled

'Flexing for Inclusion' with Prue Gilbert

The World Economic Forum predicts it will be 170 years before we achieve gender equality. Well, not if workplaces have anything to do with it...which they do! In this address, Prue Gilbert, CEO & Founder of Grace Papers explores what it takes to achieve equality - both at home and in the workplace. Prue showcases, through her own experience and the work done by Grace Papers, how to make workplaces more inclusive of women as well as men. A true commitment to inclusion could mean that the desired future state is possible in our lifetimes.  

Prue Gilbert is a lawyer, human rights advocate and mother empowering working parents across Australia. A lawyer by profession, she co-founded Grace Papers to challenge traditional stereotypes, drive gender equity and in particular empower working parents and their employers, winning an Australian Human Rights Business Award for this work in 2014. In 2018, Prue was named an AFR 100 Women of Influence. Prue is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, a qualified executive coach, and has studied under The Empowerment Institute NYC to deepen her capacity to drive social change. She volunteers for the legal steering committee of NOW Australia and has been an influencer in driving gender equality through her role as an Advisory Board Member for the AFL Players Association for the Women’s League.

Please note that this event has been cancelled and will be rescheuled in 2020