Harvard Club of Georgia Book Club - August
Book: The Triumph of Injustice by Gabriel Zucman

In ordinary times, we take turns meeting at member homes and share food and drink.  In COVID times, we meet by zoom.

"Written by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, who, like Piketty, are French but who work at the University of California, it analyses how the super-rich dodge taxes, what this means and what to do about it. In an age when the primary instinct of many left-leaning people is to yearn for a time machine, it is a bracing and brave formulation of a radical new approach to public funding. They not only argue that the wealthy should pay higher taxes, but dismiss the whole logic of the third way. Theirs is a cogent, reasoned and practical argument against the “tax competition” that has sent so many corporate profits to Ireland or Bermuda and they give clear and compelling policy solutions to change the direction of society itself.”  –The Guardian

Date: Thursday 20th August
Time: 8.30am (Melbourne time)
Bookings: If you have not signed up before and want to join the Book Club, please email the organizer, Robert Hahn at rahahn5@gmail.com and give him your email address.